obniz.js 2.5.0 and obnizOS 2.1.1 was released

https://github.com/obniz/obniz/releases/tag/v2.5.0 https://github.com/obniz/obnizos-esp32w/releases/tag/v2.1.1 obniz.js 2.5.0 Added Parts Library Grove Button Grove Buzzer CT10 ( Magnet Sensor) PT550 (Light Sensor) YG1006 (Flame Sensor) IPM-165 (Doppler module) RFID Bugfix ST7735S color TCP Command Pin Assign Command on ESP32 obnizOS 2.1.1 Improvements BLE Connection

obniz.js v2.3.0 was released

https://github.com/obniz/obniz/releases/tag/v2.3.0 Added Some parts supprt ArduCAM-Mini-2MP-Plus Grove GPS Grove acceleration sensor MPU9250 (gyro/acceleration/connpass sensor) MPU6050 (gyro/acceleration sensor) AK8963 (connpass sensor) AM2320 (temperature sensor) Improvements Use on cross-origin frame (thanks for @teramotodaiki) BLE notification callback Fix Change SPI pin assign (clk, mosi, miso) to optional Change speaker parts pin assign to optional Fix HX711

obnizOS 2.0.2 and M5Stack.js was released

We released obnizOS 2.0.2. It include some bugfix. See the change log onhttps://github.com/obniz/obnizos-esp32w/releases/tag/v2.0.2 And we also release M5Stack.js.You can use M5Stack with obnizOS easily.https://github.com/obniz/m5stackjs

obniz.py 0.3.0 released

obniz.py v0.3.0 was released today. Improvement remove callback functions : replace to async/await Add partslight : Ledmoving : DC motor / Servo motor / Stepping motortemperature sensor : LM60 / BME280 / SHT31movement sensor : Joy stick / hc-sr505 / Button / Potentiometerdistance sensor : GPY0A21YK0F BugFix can’t connect to obniz with firmware 2.0.0 and later