obnizOS 2.0.2 and M5Stack.js was released

We released obnizOS 2.0.2. It include some bugfix. See the change log onhttps://github.com/obniz/obnizos-esp32w/releases/tag/v2.0.2 And we also release M5Stack.js.You can use M5Stack with obnizOS easily.https://github.com/obniz/m5stackjs

obniz.py 0.3.0 released

obniz.py v0.3.0 was released today. Improvement remove callback functions : replace to async/await Add partslight : Ledmoving : DC motor / Servo motor / Stepping motortemperature sensor : LM60 / BME280 / SHT31movement sensor : Joy stick / hc-sr505 / Button / Potentiometerdistance sensor : GPY0A21YK0F BugFix can’t connect to obniz with firmware 2.0.0 and later