obniz.js 2.5.0 and obnizOS 2.1.1 was released

https://github.com/obniz/obniz/releases/tag/v2.5.0 https://github.com/obniz/obnizos-esp32w/releases/tag/v2.1.1 obniz.js 2.5.0 Added Parts Library Grove Button Grove Buzzer CT10 ( Magnet Sensor) PT550 (Light Sensor) YG1006 (Flame Sensor) IPM-165 (Doppler module) RFID Bugfix ST7735S color TCP Command Pin Assign Command on ESP32 obnizOS 2.1.1 Improvements BLE Connection

obniz.js v2.3.0 was released

https://github.com/obniz/obniz/releases/tag/v2.3.0 Added Some parts supprt ArduCAM-Mini-2MP-Plus Grove GPS Grove acceleration sensor MPU9250 (gyro/acceleration/connpass sensor) MPU6050 (gyro/acceleration sensor) AK8963 (connpass sensor) AM2320 (temperature sensor) Improvements Use on cross-origin frame (thanks for @teramotodaiki) BLE notification callback Fix Change SPI pin assign (clk, mosi, miso) to optional Change speaker parts pin assign to optional Fix HX711

Start IoT and Cloud based DIY electronics with obniz

1. Cloud support For electronics beginners obniz is good choice for programming for moving a motor and lightning a LED. JavaScript and Python, these a modern programming language, can be used with obniz. obniz Cloud helps you to start development. For example, It will alert on browser when a circuit detect short circuit. Common Technology we useobniz is easy enough for beginners. But obniz is already used in enterprise use cases. When you learn with obniz, you can learn IoT development and JavaScript and other programming skills. It skills can be used without obniz regions. No Installation. Program on Smartphone and TabletsJust open the web page to start programming. No…

Start making your machines IoT

1. For small quantity and large variations Compared from millions of machines, In the situation of 1 to 1,000 machines and machines has different versions and variations It cost of IoT development doesn’t match to a business. ex) Only five points of data is needed for managing plants ex) Want to manage three different machines on same dashboard. ex) Final design was not fixed. Want to keep customizing. With obniz, Just connect sensors and machines to obnizOS installed devices. Then all development is cloud side. It makes IoT development more fast and low cost. Cloud software manage difference of hardwares. When you want to change something logics, you don’t need…