Join Beta Test Program

We have released new version of obnizOS for Board and ESP32 around two month interval.

Join our beta test program to become first user of pre-release version of obnizOS for Board/ESP32 and others.

What is the benefit

  • You can get latest obnizOS which includes new features and bug fix. You can test it and write an article and publish.


  • This program is free.
  • Pre-release version of obnizOS may unstable. We can’t guarantee.
    When you face problem, report it to
  • Do not install use at production environment.
  • Documents and SDK are not complete about pre-release version.
  • You can write and publish article on WEB with version number and annotation like “I’m using beta version of obniz”.
  • Interval between pre-release and release and different for each version.


  • Fill Beta Test Program application form . Please provide your email address which is used in obniz Cloud.
    We pick up from applications. So not all submission will be passed.
  • beta tester will receive new pre-release version notification email which also contain information about new version.
  • beta tester can install new version from obniz Cloud Console by OTA.