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New Product! obniz Board [Hobby License 90-Day Trial]

obniz have been sold over one year. At early of this year, It sales over 5,000 unit and used for widely from hobby to enterprise. We also released obnizOS for let people to use obniz with various devices in this summer.

We have tried to reduce it cost to let more people to start making. Today, We released New license included obniz Board!

New product! obniz Board [Hobby License 90-Day Trial]


Electrical circuit itself is same. Changes are included license, price, and paper box.

Nameobnizobniz Board [Hobby License 90-Day Trial]
Basic No ExpiryHobby 90 Days
Hobby Lite No Expiry
EAN Code45734961900134573496190068
Paper BoxSee a photo in this page

What is Hobby Lite License?

This can be used In situations like In-Home or In-Office. While connected to same W-Fi, enabled Local Connect, This license let you control a device from obniz.js. You can’t control it through the Cloud, but it is enough to control robots and electrical circuits from your smartphone and Nodejs locally.

Enables with Hobby Lite

  • Use a device from Online Editor with obniz.js (Only when Local-connect is available)
  • Use a device from HTML/Nodejs with obniz.js (Only when Local-connect is available)
  • Device Management(OTA etc)

Not Enables with Hobby Lite

  • Not Local connect enabled situations with obniz.js like via the internet.
  • Online Block Program
  • python sdk and Hardware API
  • Serverless Event and Repository.

Pricing shows comparison

You need to connect a device and your laptop to the internet to use local-connect. See more detail at Local Connect.

Hobby License 90 Days

Hobby license enables you to use obniz Board same as Basic license. You can use it from the internet and cloud functions like server-less function. This product has 90 Day Trial Hobby License. After registration to your account, it trial will start and enables for 90 days after then.

After expiry

Hobby and Pro license are available on obnizCloud. Buy one and apply to your drive to use continuously.

License Pricing

Where to buy?

See the bottom of pricing Online and Offline our sales partners are listed. Not all stores are selling this new product. Please check the name of the product.

How about old product?

We stop producing basic license included obniz Board. You can get it only from our resellers stocks. Of-course, Basic license is still enabled. You can keep using your obniz.


Q. Can I transfer a license to another device?
A. You can’t. The license is linked to your obniz Board. It can’t be transferred.