obnizOS3.1.0 and obniz.js 3.2.0 リリース

obnizOS 3.1.0 キーポイント

  • TLS / プロキシ サポート
  • obnizOS 3.0.Xで導入された動作不安定の解消

obniz Board 1Y(3.0.X) については3.1.0に自動的に更新されます

obnizOS v3.1.0


Available Platforms

  • obniz Board
  • obniz Board 1Y
  • ESP32
  • Encored IoT Hub


  • HTTP/HTTPS Proxy setting via softAP Wi-Fi configration
  • TLS communication for business plan


  • Add Back slash for text inputs on obnizOS first setup.
  • Changed softAP Wi-Fi setting ip address from to
  • Add one more system halt handler to keep obnizOS connected to the Cloud.

Bug Fixes

  • fix Too much delay or timeout of access on softAP Wi-Fi setting(this happen only for obnizOS for ESP32 or Encored IoT Hub)
  • fix unstable behavior when local connect enabled.
  • fix unstable behavior after wait() called.

obniz.js v3.2.0



  • Add BLE directConnect command

Bug Fix

  • Fix BLE scan start error on obnizOS 3.1.0

obniz-noble v2.0.2


Bug Fix

  • Fix BLE scan start error on obnizOS 3.1.0