obniz.js 1.13.0 released

New Parts

  • KXR94-2050 – Analog acceleration sensor
  • IRModule – IR transmitter receiver combined module
  • SharpMemoryTFT – High contrast & low power consumption TFT
  • PCA9685 – 16 PWM module


  • Increase Enqueued buffer amount warning level 0.1Mbyte to 10Mbyte
  • obniz.display has new function obniz.display.drawing(ture/false)
  • ServoMotor now accept pwm object at wired().
  • ServoMotor has new property range = {min,max} to adjust pwm pulse.
  • Remove unicode characters from obniz.js
  • Add async/await functions for retriving data at parts ENC03R/temperature sensors/PressureSneosr/EarHeartRate/GP2Y0A21YK0F/JoyStick/HC-SR505