Lavatory Signal

How it works Sometime It is very convinience that one toilet is occupied or not.There is a human detect sensor like EKMC1601111.We create html that showing lavatory signal (like in airplane ) by collaborating with this sensor.

Google Home Integration

How it works Controlling a Trash by just saying “OK Google Open the Trash!”Google Home already has integration with IFTTT.And IFTTT has Webhooks integration. obniz has a messaging API.It is easy to send message from any other webservices to obniz.By adding Webbhooks to obniz on IFTTT, GoogleHome integrasion is as easy as possible. Materials obniz – 1 battery or usb adaptor & cable – 1 Servo motor & Trash – 1 Steps Step 1 Connect Servo motor to an obniz. like io1: GND, io2: VCC, io3: signal Then power up your obniz. Step 2 Add webhook on IFTTT. Step 3 Write code below.And run it on HTML or nodejs. Program

BLE and Slack Notification

How it works HandsFree, Send message “in home” or “leaving” on slack. obniz is monitoring BLE advertisements.When people who has BLE ad App, obniz found it and notify it to program.Then program calls SlackAPI. Program