Reflexes Game

What’s this? This is reflexes game. It is the race which player can push the button faster. When display show the text “PUSH!!!”,push button! Don’t push the button before the text “PUSH!!!” is display.

Server Maintainance Nov 5 14:00 UTC.

obniz cloud service become instantly under maintenance mode. Time: Nov 5 14:00 UTC. Few minutes. Affected Services: All. Except for already connected obniz and websocket connections to an obniz. Service unavailable time is estimated few minutes.

obniz.js 1.11.0 released

NewParts SainSmartTFT18LCD – 1.8 inch color TFT Display. Improvements Some parts now has wire illustration. GPS static function is now class function. Bug Fix 7SegmentLED anode common show always ‘8’.